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Mushroom Production Za

Ram Ram didi Namaskar I have come to know through Jeevika ji that you are doing Mushroom Farming and providing training also. Could you please train me Sure, I will. Let’s go bhayyaji. Let’s go didi. Now, I will provide you information about mushroom farming. My name is Brij kishor das and I came from… Read More »

Mushroom Farming Goa

You can Askme anything but if you Askme which is one of the best restaurants in Goa, I will tell you to come here to Bomras. But make sure you have a reservation because this place gets filled very quickly. Bomras is very easy to find. Its bang on the road! The main road that… Read More »

Mushroom Farms Western Australia

So, today we are out at the Point Aux Pins oyster farm. This is one of the first offbottom oyster farms in the Gulf of Mexico. And what you’re trying to do is, you’re trying to take an oyster uh. and it’s the same, it’s the same oyster that you get in the wild. It’s… Read More »

Mushroom Production Technology Ppt

Sushi rolls are artistic little tubes of deliciousness. With a little practice, you can make a sushi roll and serve up delightful Japanese dinners, or stunning appetizers. All sushi Rolls have two things in common Sushi rice, special short grained rice cooked and seasoned. It has a sticky consistency that’s ideal for making sushi rolls.… Read More »

Mushroom Farming In Rwanda

Moramba was a wonderful village. I remember that people was doing well because there was enough work for everyone. It was terrible when they burnt it down. It was completely destroyed. We have been threatened by the rangers. They told us to leave the village or they would have killed us without mercy. On that… Read More »

Mushroom Farming In Western Kenya

Alright, well, as John said, I’m from the National Agroforestry Center. and our center is actually a mixed center US Forest Service research state and private forestry and also the Natural Resource Conservation Service and so we work on both technology transfer issues in agroforestry as well as we do some research on agroforestry. You… Read More »

Do Magic Mushrooms Grow In Western Australia

Do already exist you know of course is the big white bearded dude sitting on a cloud been you know he’s not through rocket ships out within fun right and the the boot guidance that the possess you earn money the sacrifice so black chickens for the those don’t seem to exist either but couldn’t… Read More »