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Mushroom Growers Hawaii

MUSIC PLAYING HAMILTON MORRIS Today is Queen’s Day in Amsterdam, and I have three containers of psilocybincontaining truffles. I’m going to start by taking 8 grams of this 15gram container, because that’s what the man at the smart shop advised me to do. And then I suppose I’m going to go out and walk around… Read More »

Growing Mushrooms Green Mold

What can happen if you eat moldy food I’ve heard everything from advice to eat moldy bread as a natural antibiotic to avoid it because it could kill you. Unless you are eating mushrooms, you shouldn’t be eating mold. It is a sign of decay, and many molds are toxic. So I could end up… Read More »

Mushrooms Growing In Miracle Grow Potting Soil

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens today we have another exciting episode for you. I am on the beautiful island of, the big island here on Hawaii. I am on a beautiful farm here, with all kinds of naturally delicious fruits and vegetables, growing all over the place. And the reason for this episode… Read More »