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Mushroom Farms Gold Coast

My name is Kim O’Connell. For the last six years we’ve wanted to open and oversee a health and wellbeing market on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Farmers market embraced the idea of a health section within the market. We’re two separate markets that work together and we share the same space in the… Read More »

Mushroom Farms Western Australia

So, today we are out at the Point Aux Pins oyster farm. This is one of the first offbottom oyster farms in the Gulf of Mexico. And what you’re trying to do is, you’re trying to take an oyster uh. and it’s the same, it’s the same oyster that you get in the wild. It’s… Read More »

Mushroom Farming In Western Kenya

Alright, well, as John said, I’m from the National Agroforestry Center. and our center is actually a mixed center US Forest Service research state and private forestry and also the Natural Resource Conservation Service and so we work on both technology transfer issues in agroforestry as well as we do some research on agroforestry. You… Read More »