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Grow Mushrooms Sri Lanka

Authentic World Food uvd jak uvait. KARI Z LILK Ahoj je tu Bo on the road a Authentic World Food. Jsme ve vesnici Midigama na Sr Lance. A jeliko na Sr Lance dlaj kari snad ze veh druh zeleniny, tak lilek nebude dnou vjimkou. Take nejdve nakrjme lilek i se slupkou na hranolky. Jak u… Read More »

Cultivation Of Oyster Mushroom On Paddy Straw

This site is basically a research site, in fact, we’re comparing. different stacking techniques as far as their effect on the production shiitake mushrooms. Here you see a high AFrame. basically consists of a couple poles with a wire strung between them.and we stagger the logs, alternate them as they lay across that wire and… Read More »