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This is john kohler with growingyourgreens . today i have a very exciting episode for you. I’m here in San Francisco, California outside the Ferry building. It’s the Ferry building where all the Ferries come in. I mean this building was built in 1896 to be exact. What they’ve done over the years is basically take this and it still operates as a Ferry building, but the bottom floor they converted to basically a market place where they have people selling food like foods from farms, and different farm stands and what not.

And believe it or not there are some foods growing as we speak inside the ferry building and what I’m going to do today is show you guys how even inside the market place shops they’re growing some food and how you can also grow that same food at home. So let’s head inside of the Ferry building and check it out and learn more. What I’m here today to share with you guys is right here. This is the Far West Fungi store. And what they’re doing at this store is that they’re selling the Mushrooms. And.

As you could see here, this is their selection of mushrooms, there’s all many different kinds of Mushrooms, Chanterelle, Black Trumpet, Tree Oysters, Shitake. I mean all these different kinds and each one taste totally amazing. They all have different flavors and different properties. Some maybe better eaten raw, but most Mushrooms in my opinion should probably be cooked before you eat them to get the optimal benefit. But the reason why we’re here today is not because of all the different Mushrooms that.

I’m not going to explain to you about. but what i want to share with you today is that you can grow your own Mushrooms at home even if you don’t have the space for a garden in your front yard or even backyard. So while there are many Mushrooms that maybe are poisonous and/or psychotropic that are all crazy. I mean, this looks like Alice in Wonderland right here, straight up. There are also many Mushrooms that are edible. And two of the ones that are easy to grow inside.

And actually the easiest one in my opinion to grow inside right here, this one is called the Tree Oyster Mushroom. And you could see it’s just growing in a little kit they have here. This can also be grown in something like, saw dust or straw. They got the nice dome here to protect it. In the Far West Fungi company, they sell these little kits. So this kit is literally like about 20 bucks. And this kit is everything you need to grow Mushrooms in your house,.

In your kitchen, wherever you want. So all you need to do is buy this kit and just basically you’re going to mist it with water, keep it nice and moist, but not too moist, this is going to grow the Mushrooms for you and you could have multiple harvests off of this kit. And I would always encourage you to grow your own food whether you’re growing fruits and vegetables or even Mushrooms at home. They’re going to be fresher and better than just buying ones from the store, especially.

Ones from the store, they’ve been picked, put under cold storage and then you buy them. And you know what; the flavor is just not quite the same. So besides the Tree Oyster Mushroom kit that they’re offering, the kit that I like better is over on this side. And this is the Shitake Mushrooms. Shitake Mushrooms can cause to 10 to $15 a pound or more depending on where you live for good quality shrooms. But with this kit that’s about 20 bucks you could easily grow that much in your own house.

And you’re going to have them fresh and you’ll get to select when you want to harvest them, whether you want to harvest them when they’re small or nice and large. So this kit is about $20. So that’s right here. Once again, everything you need, including the instructions on how to grow it. So you might be thinking, Hey, John. How do I get that kit? Well, you could go to the website FarWestFungi to order the Mushroom kit. Basically how these kits work is that there’s a Mushroom spawn or those are the Mushroom.

Magic Mushroom Growkit How to Prepare By Zamnesia Webshop 1080P HD

Hoi en welkom bij weer een zamnesia review! Vandaag bespreken we een kweekset. Me onze magic mushroom kweeksets kweek je 400 tot 600 gram verse paddenstoelen bij jou thuis binnen slechts enkele weken. De kweekset bevat: een gewone zip bag een clipje.

De kweekset zelf, en de filterzak. De kweekset heeft drie lagen. De eerste laag is 0,5 cm perliet. Dit perliet absorbeert veel water, en dit is om het nat te houden. De middenlaag is een laag rogge, die helemaal gempregneerd is met het mycelium van de Psilocybe cubensis. De bovenlaag is vermiculiet, wat een soort deklaag is.

Laat we de kweekset klaarmaken. Schoon werken is erg belangrijk, zorg er dus voor dat je je handen wast voordat je de kweekset aanraakt. Doe hem nu open. Vul het met wat lauwwarm water. Zorg ervoor dat je de kweekset volledig vult,.

Laat geen ruimte over voor lucht. De nu de kweekset weer dicht en laat hem twaalf uur staan. De kweekset zal zich dan volzuigen met water. Open de kweekset na deze twaalf uur en verwijder het resterende water.

Zorg ervoor dat iedere laatste druppel water uit de kweekset is. Maak de deksel wel schoon. En doe hem in de zip bag.

Neem nu de bijgeleverde filter en plaats de kweekset in het midden. Gebruik nu een plantenspuit om de filterzak te bevochtigen. Zorg ervoor dat je niet direct op de kweekset spuit. Doe dan de filterzak dicht met de bijgeleverde clip. Bedankt voor het kijken en zorg ervoor dat je.

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