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Due to pax releasing a lot of the minecraft 1.8 information I’m going to have to go on Minecraft wiki with you guys and I am going to show you that they found out One of them is a Blue Spider it’s known as venomous right here, I don’t. this is the first time I’ve been on minecraft wiki with you guys.

And so I’m going to put a link in the annotations right there or I’ll put the link in the description Which will show everything that happend at PAX.

Which will show you everything uh. only can be seen by the naked eye uh. I found on Minecraft wiki so this is the spider webs they appear naturally now apparently.

Which is pretty cool and is a blue spider it seems that the torch now emits some light when you hold onto it at first Notch did not like this idea but, due to.

The more demand of it then he started to add that on so now we’re going to upcoming features in minecraft wiki there seems the new silverfish mob which will be a very rare spawn.

Rarely when mining a block which will be cool they didn’t say anything about them eating stuff and there is apprently rivers where to go into.

Yeah the rivers uh. leaf blocks won’t decay there will wow this is a lot of stuff to read um. rivers flowing into biome a new picture released by notch blue vains.

Are rivers so the blue vains are the rivers so it’s like continents all oceans are a lot more vast and biomes are bigger it seems that the biomes are sort of different they’re not squares anymore.

Game Theory Toads DEADLY Secret Super Mario Bros

Yeah yeah, thank you mario, your princess is in another Wait, wha? Is he flipping me off?! (gravelly voice) Oh my god. Game Theory theme song plays Hello, Internet! Welcome to Game Theory, where we do theories on all kinds of games, but the ones on Nintendo get you guys the most excited,.

Which is why there are so many of them. Supply and demand, my friends; you demand it and I supply it. Which is ironic, since it’s a lesson that Nintendo doesn’t seem to get. (cough cough) Amiibos (cough cough) GameCube adaptors for the WiiU (cough cough) Majora’s Mask 3DS XL. So, while you wait for your $200 Rosalina and Luma Amiibo to arrive from some random Ebay scalper.

Who understands basic economic principles, let’s talk mario. Does that intro qualify as shots having been fired? Maybe? Anyway, what’s the deal with the Mushroom Kingdom? I get that Princess Peach rules over it, but seriously, where are all the other human beings?! And for that matter, why does the MUSHROOM Kingdom have a human ruler? And then what about royal succession? Princess Peach still isn’t a queen, she’s a princess.

Mario doesn’t even seem close to becoming a prince, and as weirdly suggestive as her sweet little notes can be construed, it really doesn’t seem like either of them are putting much work into making a little Mushroom Kingdom heir. And for that matter, what’s Bowser’s deal? Why is HE, demonic LORD OF THE KOOPAS, so intent on kidnapping this lousy princess, instead of getting it together and cranking out a straight military victory? The point is, something awful fishy is definitely going on here. But this time I submit to you that we’re not looking for a flatout villain. No, that would be too obvious.

This time, our person of interest is someone secretly nefarious. someone coasting along while the heavies take all our attention. Slide on those vests and pull up your diapers, because I’m talking about TOAD. What IS Toad? Or more accurately, what are TOADS? Why do THEY all look the same, and why does Peach their ruler look nothing like them? Well, would you believe me if I said they’re a parasitic lifeform that took over the bodies of the Mushroom Kingdom’s original citizens? No? I don’t blame you. Those gravelly voiced bubbleheads don’t look too threatening, after all.

It seems like a pretty extreme claim. but give me the next ten minutes of your life, and i may just change that attitude. Let’s look at the facts: mushrooms play a very prominent role in the Mario franchise, and Toad’s design is just another reflection of that. I mean, seriously! He has a mushroom growing out of his head! And before you call me out on it just being a hat, yes, he removed it in the TV series, but that’s a noncanon source. In the games, it has always been firmly planted on his head, no matter how fast he’s running,.

Being shot out of a pipe or whatever. Why’s that important? Well, there’s a real world fungus that grows out of your head and can control your mind and body. Pretty terrifying, right? Well, I believe that whatever the fungi know as Toad actually is, it behaves a heck of a lot like a mutated strain from the genus Cordyceps. If you’ve played The Last of Us, you can get an idea of what I’m talking about. But for those of you who prefer cold, hard facts to half referenced, twoyearold tutorial games,.

Cordyceps in nature is famous for infecting things like ants. The fungus exerts control over the mind of the host, forcing it to an environment with the proper temperature and humidity for its growth, as well as the optimal wind conditions for the spread of its spores. For ants, this often means climbing up and attaching themselves to the side of a plant, but for the Toads, this would mean any number of dark, moist, out of the way places. Which surprise! is very often exactly where you find them.

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